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EvilPasta Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1984 with a mission to seamlessly initiate team-building expertise and cooperative reconceptualize backend leadership with an ultimate objective of constantly envisioneering horizontal outside-the-box thinking --- thank you sufficently for playing a part in this mission.

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Quite vaporous beneath the sky

So mournful below the dreamscape
We stone quiet rabbits in the wind
Be watchful. The mammal has vanished
All dry within the noisy flesh
You lick sensuous toads before the bullshit
Be omnivorous. The thirst never ends
Quite vaporous beneath the bright sky
I destroy arid graves behind the rain
At last! The evil will be born
alone unsafe
walking out of the world
an old passport
Where in the end
the refugee from
forget to go home
while the world locomoted

Illuminatia is a project centered on a fictitious continent, located on the fictional world of Neonisi, taking place in a time far into the future. It's a hybrid between cartography, geography, and science fiction. The Illuminatia project is profiled on this wiki, which is updated regularly with new content and frequent revisions.

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